This feature generates a detailed report the depreciation in value of the assets your company's assets. 

To start using this feature, start by clicking the Report tab and then select Depreciation Detail as shown below.

You will then see the following:


You can filter the report by using the following:

 1. Use Columns From and To to set the beginning and end of the data range of depreciation you want to include on your report.

2. Use the Asset Type field to filter the type of assets in your report.

3. Use the Location field to filter assets based on their location.

4. Use Classification field to filter assets based on their classification.

5. Click View to generate reports based on your preferences.

6. Click the Print button and select Print Excel to print your report in Excel format. Select Print PDF to print your report into PDF format.

7. Click Send Email to immediately send the report you have generated via email.

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