Purchase Order is commercial document and formal offer that issued by buyer to a seller. Purchase Orders are used to control purchase of products and services from supplier.

To start using this feature, click on Transaction tab and then choose the Purchase Order, as shown in the image below:

You will then be redirected to the following page:

Click the Create Purchase Order button to create new purchase order. The following form purchase order form will then show up:

Follow the provided steps:

  1. Order No.: Sleekr Accounting will determine the order number automatically. If you wish to determine the order number, you can input the number in the Order Number field.
    Supplier: Fill in the name of the supplier. Choose from the list or create a new one.
    Order Date: Date of issue of the following purchase order.
    Shipment Date: Determine the date of when you want your supplier to make the delivery.
    Location: Determine the where the item you are purchasing will be stored.

  2. Order Template: Choose the order template according to your preference.

  3. Classification: Input classification to categorize the document.

  4. Discount Using: Determine if the discount is based on value of item/total price or percentage of price.

  5. Supplier Address: Fill the supplier address.

  6. Delivery Address: Determine where the purchased product will be shipped (warehouse or store).

  7. Currency: Determine currency that will be used for this transaction.

  8. Item/Service: Fill in the column for the item/service that you need from your supplier.

  9. Description: Input the description of the item/service you are purchasing.

  10. Quantity: Input the amount of item/service you intend to purchase.

  11. Unit: Select the unit of measure. For example: Kilos, Pcs, Unit, and etc.

  12. Price: Input the price you wish to offer for the Item/Service.

  13. Discount: Determine how much discount (if any) you are receiving from your suppliers.

  14. Tax: Input tax that will be applied to the item/service.

  15. Account: Select the account in which the items your purchased will be registered, in the balance sheet. 

  16. Amount Value: Total amount incurred as a result of this transaction.

  17. Save as Draft: Choose this option to save your purchase order entry as draft 

  18. Send E-mail Immediately: Choose this option if you want to directly send your purchase order directly to your supplier.

  19. Save and Approve: Choose this option to publish the purchase order if all the data is already correct.

  20. Cancel: Choose and click this button if you wish to cancel the purchase order.

  21. Attachment: Click on this button if you wish to attach any document alongside your purchase order.

The data you have input previously will generate a Purchase Order as shown in the image below:

If you feel that the purchase order needs more adjustment, click on the Revision button to revise the content of your purchase order, as shown on the image below:

However, if all the information is already correct, click on Create New Invoice to create invoice, based on Purchased Order that you have created, as shown in the following: 

The following invoice form will then show up as shown in the following picture:

Click on Save and Approve if the information you have filled in is already correct. Sleekr Accounting will then generate Purchase Invoice based on the Purchase Order, as shown in the following:

The status of your Purchase Order will change to 'Invoiced' as shown in the image below:

Click on dropdown button on the the top right corner of your screen to send your invoiced purchase order to your supplier or to print in as a PDF file.

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