This feature enable users to make of outstanding amounts/account receivable based on your sales transactions. 

To start using this feature, click on the Transaction tab and then choose the Sales option, as shown in the image below:

You will then be redirected to the following page consisting of your sales transaction entries, as shown below:

Follow the steps provided below

  1. Choose the invoice entry with outstanding as its status and that you are having payment made for. After selecting the invoice afore mentioned, the invoice summary will show up on your screen as follows:

2. Click on the Payment button and the following form will show up on your screen:

3. Input the amount your customer paid you in the Amount Paid column.
4. Input the payment date in the Paid Date column.
5. Choose an account that will accommodate payment made by your by your customers.
6. Click on Save Payment to save your payment process.
7. Click on the Save and Print Receipt button if you wish to save and print  your sales invoice.

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